Pagan. Today.

"The world is so full of possibilities that

dogmatism is simply indecent." - Albert Einstein


Pagan. Hoy.

Heide. Heute.

Pagan. Aujourd'hui.

Heidense. Vandag.

Paguen. Avui.

Pagan. Gaur egun.

Pagane. Sot.

Pagan. Bu gün.

Pagan. Danas.

Pagan. Dnes.

Pagan. Vandaag.

Pagano. Hodiaŭ.

Pagan. Täna.

Pagano. Ngayon.

Pagan. Tänään.

Pagá. Hoxe.

წარმართული. დღეს.

Pagan. Σήμερα.

મૂર્તિપૂજક. આજે.

פגאני. היום.

बुतपरस्त. आज.

Pogány. Today.

Հայք. Այսօր.

Pagan. Dag.

Pagan. Hari.

Págánach. Sa lá atá inniu.

Pagan. Oggi.


ಪೇಗನ್. ಇಂದು.

이교도. 오늘.

Pagan. ມື້ນີ້.

Paganus. Hodie.

Pagānu. Šodien.

Pagonys. Šiandien.

Незнабожец. Денес.

Pagan. Hari ini.

Pagan. Illum.

کافر. امروز.

Pagan. Dzisiaj.

Pagã. Hoje.

Pagan. Astăzi.

Языческие. Сегодня.

Паган. Данас.

Kipagani. Leo.

Pagan. Idag.

பேகன். இன்று.

పాగాన్. నేడు.

คนป่าเถื่อน วันนี้

Pagan. Bugün.

Язичницькі. Сьогодні.

کافر. آج.

Pagan. Ngày hôm nay.

Pagan. Heddiw.

פּייגאַן. הייַנט.

Паганскія. Сёння.

পৌত্তলিক. আজ.




وثنية. اليوم.



Give us back our Sun


Our modest proposal: In the interest of unity and a calmer World, we recommend humanity, from this point on, "Follow" the Sun.


Or, as we call the Sun, Sol.


We can all agree Sol is unarguably obvious, undeniably powerful, and undisputedly the source and maintainer of all Life and Energy on Earth. Sol is not jealous, demanding, or cruel; it's presence is seen, or felt, every moment; and it gives freely and asks nothing in return.


When our beliefs are based on the above truths (rather than arbitrary and divisive opinions) we become united as a people and a world, and then there can be no more hate, mistrust and violence based on those beliefs.


No longer subject to a variety of warring and sparring belief systems - no longer held in fear by invisible, uncaring, mean-spirited and silent gods.


No longer at the mercy of hyper-enthusiastic, often robotic, followers of these ghostly gods and their unasked for and unwarranted strictures on: thought - behaviour - curiosity - art - clothing.


To be Pagan will be to finally return to your natural inclinations of Wonderment of the Universe and Nature, and not its blind, ignorant, and often brutal exploitation. Of being aware you are connected to Nature, not separate from it. Nature is sacred for the Pagan, mistreating it and disrespecting it is Turp.


Unlike the ancient Pagan Codes, we have (against serious religious resistance) finally enlightened ourselves to such a point that we recognize our blindness and are no longer bound by superstition and ignorance. We need to use that knowledge now to develop our modern and sane Paganism.


By acknowledging that our commonalities are greater than our differences, and that what we share is much greater than what we own, we find the first principle of our Code to be Respect.


Respect for self. Respect for others. Respect for animals and plants and Earth. With Respect we stop poisoning ourselves for money and power, and begin to truly Live.


There are no, and should not be, chief priests or priestesses, popes, or prophets. Each of us is the Priest and Priestess, each of us is the prophet. We cannot any longer allow an individual's, or cabal's, opinions to rule the lives of other people. This has led to horrific deeds and Turps in the past.


There are no official agencies, congresses, Temples, or associations that have any right to tell anyone how the Sols should or must live. Only that a Code, such as the one here, is an agreed upon path towards sanity, and that unified beliefs such as these here form our core.


Our simple unifying principles: we all believe in and follow Sol. All are allowed to Appreciate as they wish, are free to speak their minds, that these allowances are, in return, given to every other of the Sols, and that Respect is our first principle.


To be a Kraftigen entails a responsibility. To make informed decisions requires knowledge. Knowledge requires study. To speak with authority about something you know nothing of, makes one a fool. We encourage Sols to avoid fools, think about what they say to others, and to educate themselves as the need arises.


Innovate every day, and re-discover yourself each moment.


Some further thoughts from us:


Sol Miracles







Words and language


Quality of Life


Hell / Afterlife

Perhaps most important to know...

What this means for you

What this means for us



"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them" - Albert Einstein


Remember, we are all sparks of Sol.



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