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All gpg / pgp SIG files are signed with my internet signing key

0x74E59DD3 2013-12-09 JuliuS Inet (internet signing).

My personal gnuGPG key is:

0xF5B71178 JuliuS <Julius@timepirate.org>

Use the information above to get the public keys from a public keyserver.


August 2022: Prime number Tuplet database for mariadb / mysql

A databsase of the prime Tuplets: Sextuplets, Quintuplets, and Quadruplets. Contains around 400,000 sextuplets, 500,000 of each of the Quintuplets and around 250,000 quadruplets. Includes a good sample portion of sextuple twins, cousins, and the single known triple. Includes "big" tables for entries that are greater than 2^64. MariaDB/mysql SQL file inside a .zip file, downlaod size 12 Mb.


Zip file containing the .sql file as of 2022.08.23


March 2021: commandoo 2.1.0

This release version of commandoo supercedes 2.0.1 from August 2020, and is now completely self-contained and will run on almost every gnu-linux distro. The older 2.0.1 had superceeded the original version (1.0.1 March 2018). Numerous bug fixes, added features, "future proofing", (almost) mouseless usage, and much more. It is provided as an AppImage (see https://appimage.org) which allows it to run on a wide variety of gnu-linux distributions. This is "free" as in "freedom" software.

This is a GUI program designed to help the newcomer (and veteran) with the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI).

It is designed to be a 'helper' in the sense that one can store favorite / useful commands for quick retrieval and use later. It is designed to be a reference as well, it has a 'starter' database of 160+ Linux commands and examples. Notes and 'Threat Level' indexes are used to help the novice. Here is a glimpse of the Main Window, more images below.

It can be helpful for veterans as well: store those complex, meter long, command lines here, no need to develop it again, simply search for it and use it as is or adapt it to the current issue.

The program is not a terminal emulator, but gives its own advantages including: run and test (most) Command Lines directly, it can serve as a launcher program, it supports pkexec, it supports variables and asks at run time for the values, complex boolean searching is implemented as well a "simple" search, it supports text based storage and sqlite databases (your choice), it supports an unlimited number of databases as you like, and help is written directly into the program through toggle-able mouse-over hints.

Source code at: https://github.com/Juuliuus/commandoo/


Downloads ( 64bit x86 machines):

commandoo executable AppImage

commandoo AppImage gnuGPG signature file

commandoo AppImage sha256

commandoo v 2.1.0 README



An AppImage is a large file because it contains everything it needs to run on widely differing gnu-linux distros.

Simply download the AppImage and place it wherever you like in your home folder.

Then, mark it as executable and run it.

To mark it as executable using a file explorer: Right-click on the AppImage and choose properties, and tick the box that says something like "is executable".

Or use this command line in a terminal: chmod +x ~/PathToAppImage/NameOf.AppImage


And some more information...

The commandoo AppImage was developed in Kubuntu 20.04 as a qt5 application and has been tested on Fedora 32, Ubuntu 20.04, Kubuntu 18.04, Manjaro 20.04, and OpenSuse Leap 15.2. I've also been told it runs in Ubuntu 16.04. So, while designed in and for the recent 20.04 distros it will run on all the LTR distros too. In those cases I recommend using text based databases rather than the older sqlite libraries used by the older distros.

It doesn't matter if the distro has qt5 installed or not, it will still work because the AppImage is self-contained. Basically, it should work on any major distribution using any desktop environment (note: outside of Kubuntu 20.04 it will not pay any attention to theming, sadly. I will be working on this).


AppImage sha256 checksum:
c96701d7e5d696f4171397546cf321d4103df82f6e494d9395d68026d73ad204 commandoo-x86_64_5.AppImage


commandoo was built using free pascal and the Lazarus IDE. Thank you FPC and Lazarus.



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Main Window

Child Process

Edit Mode

Favorites tab

On the fly Help

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Simple Search