Terminator Dialogs


Arnys lines from the three Terminator pictures

When the movie "The Terminator" first came out I was enthralled. A decent science fiction story starring the PERFECT robot with a lot of action. Who wouldn't be? Later when I moved into the VCR era, I bought the 2 Terminator movies available at that time and decided to write down every one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's lines.


Yesterday, Tuesday Nov. 11, 2003, Terminator III became available on DVD and I, of course, got a copy. I spent last evening writing down Arny's lines! But this is not an obsession, I swear. Otherwise it would be on the Obsessions page.


I have decided to share my transcriptions with the world and so include all three TERMINATOR movie Arny dialogs. No, you needn't send any money unless you really want to. Please be advised that there is the use of strong language in these dialogs, proceed appropriately.


But first...of course....some statistics. Terminator I: Arny had some 16 dialog sections (or, as I like to call them, soliloquies) with a total of 26 sentences. But, hey, he was a newcomer. Since that time, long ago, he has become something of a box office sensation and one would expect his line totals to increase. And the statistics bear this out:


Terminator II: Arny has 102 dialog sections with a total of 132 sentences! He was at his nadir on Terminator II, there was no increasing his box office appeal and so the third saw only a slight increase in dialog time.


Terminator III: 105 dialog sections with 148 sentences.


Interestingly, however, his sentences to dialog section ratio was highest in the first Terminator!


T1 : 1.625

T2 : 1.294

T3 : 1.410




These transcripts give you great fodder for cocktail parties and such. Questions like "What was the last line Arny uttered in Terminator I?" are now easily studied and memorized.


Finally, what are the most common things Arny says? A quick, unofficial, glance shows these to be "I'll be back" (of course), "Negative", "Now", "Get out", and "Get down".


Without further ado, the transcripts.


The Terminator

Lines denoted as N (N). The first number is the dialog section (soliloquy), the second the number of sentences in that section (cumulative).


Punk Scene:

Gun Shop:

Sarah Connor #1:

Police Station:

Hotel Room (see appendix):

Moms Cabin:




Possible responses on Termys display to: Hey Buddy, you gotta dead cat in there or what?



Terminator II

Lines denoted as N (N). The first number is the dialog section (soliloquy), the second the number of sentences in that section (cumulative).



Mall Shootout:

On Motorcycle:


Phone Booth:


Back in the parking lot:

At the Mental Hospital:

Cop Car:


New car (station wagon):

At the Camp:

To Dysons:

At Dysons:

At CyberDyne Systems:

In Cop Van:

In Gardeners Truck:

At Steel Mill:


    -Lots of Difficulties-




{ Melts with thumbs up Finis. }



Terminator III Rise of the Machines


Lines denoted as N (N). The first number is the dialog section (soliloquy), the second the number of sentences in that section (cumulative). Comments in brackets ( [comment] ) are items displayed on the terminators Heads Up Display screen.


At Desert Star Cocktails:

At Vet Clinic:

During Crane Chase:

During Escape:

AM/PM Store:

Back on the road:

Valley of Peace Cemetery:

In Mausoleum:

Carrying Coffin:

In Hearse:

In Hearse fleeing TX:

At RV Park:

In RV:


General Brewsters office:

In Hanger:

At Crystal Peak:


{ Light fades Finis. }


For those that read it all here is a reward to a nice Arny link...