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Downloads: Open Source / Free-as-in-freedom software

Below I offer some software I have written for your use.

See the links to GitHub to see full descriptions, download the sourcecode, read any change logs, and read the license info. Those links will open in a new tab / window.

The GitHub repositories are just source code, so I've assembled here executables for Linux 32/64 and Windows 32/64, sorry I don't have a Mac so programs for Mac are not included. If you MAC users have, or a friend has, Lazarus (open source Pascal, rapid IDE) you can download the source code and build the programs for iOS.

Note for Linux Users: As always be sure the downloaded files have the proper permissions and that the downloaded file is marked executable. These were created in Kubuntu systems and tested in LMDE Mint (debian) and mint as well.

You have some choices regarding installation:

Standalone Installations: Simply put the download in a separate new folder and run it, everything is self contained. To uninstall: simply delete the folder where you put it (assuming the folder only contains the download and the ini files it generates, otherwise delete the executable, and any ini files it created).


.deb package files which will install it in the usual debian way.


juursync: frontend for rsync backup

Yet another rsync GUI frontend. Why? I've added some features that I've found very useful in the past but couldn't find in other repository frontends for backing up your data.

I've added 'stub' variables (write your backup job once and use it on multiple sources and/or destinations) , It has an auto-restore function that will reverse Source / Destination paths for you, Simulations (dry run) are on by default (analyzed reults allow you to review what is going to happen before it happens, you can also, at run time, prevent deletions and/or copies), support for an external file comparison program, human friendly (readable), a progress bar is included, Help is written directly into the program through toggle-able mouseover hints, complexity has been left out (for most users (ie, not sysadmins and professionals) all that is wanted and needed is a reliable up-to-date clone of the Source files). See the GitHub page for more detais and screen shots.

Full Language support (need translators!), ROOT mode, System colors (if you want). And now...deb files. A word about your choices below:

Recently I found that code I had written on Kubuntu 14.04 did not work on Kubuntu 15.04 or 15.10! And worse, later install versions of 14.04 also had problems. Found out it is an issue with the gtk2 system. So I now have versions for both gtk2 and qt. Both have issues but the qt version is working better and works on ALL the above versions. I recommend it. If you have problems (progress bar doesn't show, strange error messages even though the backup worked fine), use the qt version. The qt version will install a new library: libqt4pas5

I still include the "naked" executable for those who don't want to use .deb files for whatever reason. With standalone versions you just put the executable in a folder of your choice (I would recommend a dedicated folder) and run it.

juursync Version 3.1.3, June 21, 2016:

.deb Package QT 64bit

.deb Package QT 32bit

STANDALONE QT 64bit (you will need to add libqt4pas5 through your package manager)

STANDALONE QT 32bit (you will need to add libqt4pas5 through your package manager)


.deb Package GTK2 64bit: Deb/'Buntu 14.04

.deb Package GTK2 32bit: Deb/'Buntu 14.04

STANDALONE GTK2 64bit: Deb/'Buntu 14.04

STANDALONE GTK2 32bit: Deb/'Buntu 14.04


NEW: While "real" translations are not yet available (Translators needed!) I did make a "Pirate" Language one for translation testing. Feel free to downlaod and use it: juursync.pyr.po (144Kb), after downloading use the Advanced Options to install this language to the available languages list.I think programs could/should be fun so if anyone is interested in writing a tranlsation for "Wookie", "Elvish"", "Dr. Suess" or anything else, they would gladly be accepted!

Enjoy, feel free to give feedback / bug reports.


Twin Prime

The program uses the Sieve of Eratosthenes method to construct the primality of numbers. This allows one to apply Primes to the sieve in a stepwise fashion and examine the results of any particular prime number on the Sieve and to study the resulting patterns, etc. So it is like a microscope for Prime Number analysis. You can examine prime numbers up to 2 billion. Also download the PDF help file (just place it in the same folder where you put the executable). See the GitHub page for more detais and screen shots (or just download the help PDF, it has screenshots and full description of usage). [Note 2016: I found that these need some work to be prime time candidates, It is on my list of to-do's.]

Twin Prime Help File

Twin Prime Linux 64 bit

Twin Prime Linux 32 bit

Twin Prime Windows 64 bit

Twin Prime Windows 32 bit