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Downloads: Open Source / Free-as-in-freedom software

Below I offer some software I have written for your use.

See the links to GitHub to see full descriptions, download the sourcecode, read any change logs, read the license info, and see screenshots.


August 07, 2017: commandoo - GUI Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) Helper program

This is a GUI program designed to help the newcomer (and veteran) with the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI).

It is designed to be a 'helper' in the sense that one can store favorite / useful commands for quick retrieval and use later. It is designed to be a reference as well, it has a 'starter' database of 170+ Linux commands.


Source Code at GitHub


commandoo Version 1.0.0, August 2017:

Runs in Debian (8 and 9) and Debian-based derivatives only.

All downloads (except readme) in tar.gz format.


README: August 15, 2017: possible double Char problem and solution, may, or may not, affect you


commandoo.README: Information


Base folder structure with starter database and install instructions


64 bit QT Version excecutable


64 bit GTK2 Version excecutable


32 bit QT Version executable


32 bit GTK2 Version excecutable